Use MOOCs to Take Control of Your Educational Path

  There are an increasing number of schools who offer free Massive Open Online Course’s (MOOC’s) which are taught by the best professors, the best universities, and the best courses. Their popularity has led some to believe that within fifty years, brick and mortar colleges and universities will begin to disappear. While both MOOC’s and the traditional education systemContinue reading “Use MOOCs to Take Control of Your Educational Path”

Life’s Second Act is Better

A famous quote on reinventing oneself, “there are no second acts in American lives,” is often misinterpreted. What Scott Fitzgerald really meant was more in line with what he wrote in the essay “My Lost City,” where Fitzgerald writes: “I once thought that there were no second acts in American lives, but there was certainly to be a secondContinue reading “Life’s Second Act is Better”