Control a Particle Photon with a simple Google Flutter App

My goal was simple, create an iOS and Android app that blinks an LED over the Internet. My code was written to be just enough to get you started.

Get the source code for a Google Flutter example application that communicates with a Particle Photon

If you are excited as I was to play with new hardware, head over to my application’s GitHub page to get the source code. If you’ve already tested out the Particle Photon with the Tinker app, then you’ll simply need to (a) copy and paste the source code into a new project, (b) update source with your own device id and access token, and (c) compile and load it onto your own device.

Boom! The Photon’s D7 LED will turn on.

Now, go download the Control a Particle Photon with a simple Google Flutter App source code.

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